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So, like, here's the deal. I like you, I just don't like you like you. I treat my friends list like a reading list, and I like to have a pretty good idea of who is reading my entries (which are about 90% all-caps babbling about my fandoms, 10% oblique references to my life). So - I love new friends, but I don't friend back everyone who friends me first, because I don't have time to read everyone's entries. My friending "policy" is mysterious and idiosyncratic, it's not you it's me, I just need some space, etc etc.

All of my fic, past, present and future, is at scurvyknavery.

Posts announcing fic will be unlocked, as will the occasional all-caps fannish post, because I know it can be maddening to friend somebody when you have no idea what their entries sound like.
the secret canadian popstar of the internet
20 January 2015 @ 05:39 pm
But this is sort of cheating, because it's not ~really fic that I worked on for months and months of angst and editing. This is fic that I wrote because I watched Lost Girl 5.07 (the most recent ep), and oh my god that thing at the end was SO UPSETTING and I had some time to myself and this kind of happened by accident.

It is super self-indulgent, but I feel better now, so: worth it? :D?

even if the stars & moon collide, Lost Girl, Tamsin & Kenzi friendship, past Bo/Tamsin, gen
Tamsin may not have done as much as she wanted to with her lives, but she's also not a moron. When some asshole breaks your heart, there are two things to do: leave town, and get blind-ass drunk. Post-5.07

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the secret canadian popstar of the internet
08 January 2015 @ 06:04 pm
I did it again! Although really I have been working on this one foreverrrrr (where forever = September maybe IDK), so it's not like I finished extra fic right away. Anyway. I spent so much time working on True and Deep that maybe it's in my head as canon forever and maybe I decided to write a sequel set during S2 because my favourite characters are having such a hard time this season and you know what fixes that? LESBIANS.

at least you're next to me Agents of SHIELD, Skye/Simmons, NC-17
Jemma leaves to work undercover. Skye can't resist a visit. Spoilers for canon through episode 2.03.

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the secret canadian popstar of the internet
30 December 2014 @ 07:56 pm
If you all though I'd let 2014 get away without writing fic about two ladies kissing set to a Taylor Swift quote, you were SO WRONG. I wrote this for the AOS Holiday Exchange on Tumblr (who am I etc). It has been forever since I wrote fic for a challenge, and it was a nice little push to actually write in a thoughtful way.

(Also thank you thank you to [personal profile] beerbad who beta-read this like a lot.)

what becomes of curious minds Agents of SHIELD, Jemma Simmons/Bobbi Morse, R
Bobbi and Jemma have had a long day of almost-but-not-quite getting killed. Post-2.05.

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the secret canadian popstar of the internet
10 December 2014 @ 08:56 am
Hey, look, it's an LJ post! I have been doing weekly Agents of Shield episode reactions on Tumblr, because I have finally succumbed to Tumblr and also the MCU has devoured my soul, but it has been suggested that PERHAPS it is easier to discuss episodes on LJ. So: cross-posting.

HI TUMBLR, LAST MELTDOWN ABOUT AGENTS OF SHIELD UNTIL MARCH I PROMISE (for varying definitions of 'promise' because let's be honest.)

spoilercutCollapse )

ANYWAY March is like forever away, hold me, internet.
the secret canadian popstar of the internet
01 October 2014 @ 07:45 am
Alright, guys. I am super into Agents of Shield right now and I just need to word vomit all of my episode feelings and I KNOW WE ARE NOT DOING THAT ANYMORE, WE ~REBLOG GIFSETS~, but WHATEVER LET ME BE ME.


thoughts on agents of shield 2.02, & spoilers for the 2.03 promoCollapse )

the secret canadian popstar of the internet
01 September 2014 @ 03:14 pm
So, I may or may not have spent the last couple of months channeling all of my fandom energy into this one fic. For those of you not following me on Tumblr - I have fallen down the MCU rabbit hole HARD, mostly because Agents of SHIELD gets me in all of my heart places. Mostly, Simmons and Skye are my favourites and I just want them to both not be sad or traumatized and maybe hug each other a little a lot and make out. Especially after the finale.

This fic is a BEAST. I wanted it to be this cute little post-episode tag where I fixed things, and then I started writing plot, and now it is this 21K BEAST, but I am also really, really proud of it. Please read it if you think you might like it, friends.

true and deep as the sea Agents of SHIELD, Skye/Simmons, NC-17
After defeating Garrett, Skye and Simmons rebuild.

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the secret canadian popstar of the internet
20 March 2014 @ 09:53 pm
Apparently I only update when ~the mood strikes~ and I write fic. Opportunities for this are clearly SUPER FREQUENT in my life right now.

Still on Tumblr, which I am checking more often. I still don't feel like it really provides a lot of chances to connect with new people, which I think is a shame, but it does let me keep up with the excellent fandom people that I know from here, and that is important. Anyway, for those unaware: swashbucklery is me.

My love for all my TV favourites continues unabated, but also I have a new TV love, namely: Agents of SHIELD. I fully was only expecting to watch this show to follow the inevitable MCU movie tie-ins, but then OMG Skye, and then Simmons, and they got me. Like, I get that the bus is essentially Serenity, and I think they are pushing the GET IT? FOUND FAMILY? vibe a bit hard, but everyone is so cute and I just want them to not die and solve mysteries and play Scrabble together. A LOT.

And then things happened in recent episodes of the show, and I had a sudden feelings explosion where I shipped Skye and Simmons, and then there was fic.

would it be okay if i took your breath away, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Skye/Simmons, NC-17
"I want to try something," Jemma tells Skye one afternoon.
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15 November 2013 @ 08:31 pm

Let's not discuss how it has been like, months and months since I have posted. I am here, and I still read my flist every day, and sometimes I even check Tumblr.

Things I Am Into Right Now include: Lost Girl always and forever, Warehouse 13, Elementary, REIGN OMG WE HAVE TO DISCUSS REIGN I LOVE THIS BIG DUMB SHOW, Captain America, JANE FOSTER: THE MOVIE Thor 2 was alright, and also I am sort of into the new Draahhhhhculaaa show on NBC. It's DREADFUL, but Mina is a plucky Victorian med student and Lucy is FABULOUS and also breathtakingly gay.

Anyway, I have a week off and was on Tumblr this morning and [profile] osito_panda may or may not have goaded me into writing Dracula fic, and then IDK it just happened. WHOOPS.

the people and places we are meant for, Dracula (2013), Lucy/Mina, R
It's been a fortnight since Jonathan and Mina fought, and he has yet to send a single word of apology.
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How are you, internets? I still love all of you lots.
the secret canadian popstar of the internet
15 April 2013 @ 07:43 am
GUYS. It has come to my attention that OMGOMG LOST GIRL FINALE.

While I definitely do not have time for a recap, I have a lot of FEELINGS and was hoping maybe some of you had feelings too and we could ~discuss,~ old-school style.

omgomgomg lost girl 3.13Collapse )

BASICALLY, Season 4 is going to be awesome, but they had better make all my favourites happy and also include some kind of wacky comedy episode (what haven't they done yet? Bodyswap 2.0?) to make me feel better.